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Rock and Rogue Gallery
55 Greenwich Avenue, at one and a half Perry St.
New York, New York 10014

Contact: Marika Perun


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The Rock and Rogue Gallery presents filmmaker and photographer Neil Bender's private collection of classic concert video transformed into print sequences. Neil's unique and historical art spans his experiences in the 1970's with the worlds most talented musical performers.

The Galleries work spans perhaps the greatest time of American popular music that it's value can be only deemed priceless. Your insight to the moment is brought to reality through the filmmakers experience which includes a concert biography handwritten on each work. All art has been digitally transferred to archival quality specifications.

Over time we will keep digging in the vault to reveal more of the magic of filmmaker Neil Bender and the Rock and Rogue of that time, so come back often.

Expect Art, Enjoy the Moment
signed, Neil and Marika Bender - RockandRogue


Gallery News

- Rock and Rogue Gallery donates Keith Moon work to Housingworks.org
- Rock and Rogue Gallery has a private exhibition for select clientele by invitation
  only at HSBC headquarters in New York
- Rock and Rogue presents artwork at New York University auction
- Rock and Rogue offers artwork to PS41 auction


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